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Seven Natural Wonders is committed to helping the global community discover, explore, and learn more about the natural wonders of the world. We believe that the more you learn about the natural wonders of the world, the more likely you will establish a practice of conservation and protection.

A potential “Wonder” status includes a World designation, a Continent designation, and a Country designation. Global wonders will be included in a Country’s recognition of wonders, and they also serve as ambassador wonders to the Continent wonders.

Each natural wonder represents statistical significance. Whereas wonders at the World and Continent level are completely natural, wonders at the Country level may include the intersection between the natural and cultural.  You can learn more about the significance of each wonder and how it earned wonder status by visiting each individual wonder’s page.

Mission & Vision

The mission is to promote and protect the natural wonders of the world.

We envision a world that collectively promotes and protects the wonders of nature found around the world.

We encourage you to discover, explore, and learn more about the world’s wonders and develop a commitment of conservation and protection.

About Founder


Dr. Phillip Imler has loved the wilds and natural wonders of the world for most of his life. He has been fortunate to explore over 70 countries and six of the world’s continents. He has experienced many of the world’s wonders first hand and is personally committed to celebrating the wonder and awe each natural wonder displays.

“It is amazing how diverse and majestic our natural world is on this planet. It never ceases from causing me to pause in awe and wonder.”

Dr. Phillip Imler
Founder and President

Official Record

Several Natural Wonders represents the Official Record of the world’s Wonders of Nature.  Come learn how they were selected.

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World, Continent, & Country Differences

You are invited to learn more about the differences between a “World,” “Continent,” or “Country” wonder designation.

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Content Contribution

Seven Natural Wonders appreciates when others share content or images that help expose the global community to the awe and wonder of this world.

If you have a content edit, article contribution, or images to share, please reach out.


Updates, Inquiries, and Proposals

Seven Natural Wonders is always expanding and growing and looking for ways to collaborate with others to help educate the global community about the world’s amazing wonders. If you would like to partner or collaborate with Seven Natural Wonders, please reach out to us through the Contact form.