World, Continent, and Country Differences

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About World, Continent, and Country Differences

What is the difference between a “World,” “Continent,” and a “Country” wonder?  This is a common question from nature enthusiasts.  Let’s take a look at the difference.

World Wonder

A “World” wonder features statistical significance that elevates it over other easily deserving wonders of nature.  Statistically speaking, a world wonder represents the tallest or largest.  For example, Victoria falls represents the largest single-sheet of falling water.  It would be easy to argue that Iguazu Falls is wider or Angel Falls is the taller.

The aurora borealis is different in that it was selected as natural phenomena that reflects the uniqueness of the natural world.  Paricutin is also different in that it was selected because it represented the youngest volcano in the world.  Its creation was witnessed by modern humankind.

“World Wonders” serve as the Ambassador Wonder for the country where they are located.  For example, the Grand Canyon is the Ambassador Wonder to North America and Mount Everest is the Ambassador Wonder to Asia.  Although the Aurora Borealis could serve as a representative for various continental regions, it serves as the Ambassador Wonder to Europe.

Continent Wonder

A “Continent Wonder” follows in the footsteps and philosophy of the World Wonders.  Statistical significance is still considered the key component that elevated one wonder of nature over another.  Other factors and historical significance were also considered when selecting the wonders of nature for each continent.

For example, although there is a larger inland delta in Africa, the Okavango Delta received the wonder designation as the largest inland delta that had not been ravished and decimated by war, poaching, and human activities.  The Okavango Delta represents the awe and wonder of nature when the destruction from humankind is thwarted.

Country Wonder

Statistical significance is still the leading quality of receiving a “Country Wonder” designation.  However, historical and cultural significance are also highly considered.  A country wonder represents the grandest nature within a given country.  However, the best nature attraction a country has to share with visitors does not automatically earn it “wonder” status.

If you are governmental representative and you would like us to consider bestowing a “Natural Wonder” status upon one of your nature attractions, we invite you to reach out to us.  There are no fees associated with “Wonder” status which protects the integrity of the designation.