Marovo Lagoon

About Marovo Lagoon

Embracing the Solomon Islands, Marovo Lagoon unveils an aquatic masterpiece, celebrated as the world’s largest saltwater lagoon. This natural wonder enchants with its crystal-clear azure waters, adorned by vibrant coral reefs and an array of marine life. The lagoon’s serenity is heightened by lush mangrove forests and verdant islets, creating an idyllic haven for biodiversity.

Spanning over 700 square kilometers, Marovo Lagoon captivates explorers with its diverse ecosystems, from seagrass beds to coral gardens. It shelters an abundance of marine species, including colorful fish, rays, and turtles, thriving in the protected embrace of the lagoon. The indigenous communities that call these shores home add cultural richness to the landscape, with traditional wooden stilt houses dotting the shoreline.

Marovo Lagoon’s allure lies not only in its natural splendor but also in its cultural significance. Locals sustainably coexist with the environment, preserving their traditional practices and craftsmanship. Visitors can partake in authentic cultural exchanges, making Marovo Lagoon not just a visual marvel but a holistic experience that harmonizes nature and heritage.

Physical Characteristics

Marovo Lagoon, nestled in the Solomon Islands, stands as the largest saltwater lagoon globally, stretching over 270 square miles (700 sq km). Its depths reach up to 196 feet (60 m), showcasing a diverse underwater realm.

The lagoon is renowned for its vibrant coral reefs, teeming with marine life, and its intricate system of mangrove forests that fringe the shores. Marovo Lagoon’s uniqueness lies in its cultural significance, serving as home to traditional fishing villages and artisan communities.

The locals’ intricate woodcarving and shell money craftsmanship further add to the lagoon’s allure. Its crystal-clear waters, coupled with the rich cultural tapestry of the indigenous people, make Marovo Lagoon a captivating destination for those seeking both natural beauty and cultural immersion.


Intimately located within the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, Marovo Lagoon is a tropical paradise boasting crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and lush mangrove forests. This pristine lagoon, recognized as one of the largest in the world, is teeming with a rich tapestry of marine and terrestrial life. From the colorful coral gardens beneath the surface to the diverse bird species that grace the skies, Marovo Lagoon is a haven for biodiversity, offering a mesmerizing glimpse into the wonders of the Pacific ecosystem.

Top 10 Wildlife Species in and around Marovo Lagoon:

  1. Manta Ray (Manta birostris):
    • Gliding gracefully through the lagoon’s waters, the manta ray is a majestic and gentle giant of the ocean. With their impressive wing-like pectoral fins, these rays captivate divers as they navigate the coral-rich depths.
  2. Sea Turtle (Various Species):
    • Serenely swimming in the lagoon, sea turtles, including the hawksbill and green turtles, are cherished inhabitants. With their distinctive shells and peaceful demeanor, these ancient reptiles add to the allure of Marovo Lagoon.
  3. Dugong (Dugong dugon):
    • Gracefully grazing on seagrass beds, the dugong, often referred to as the “sea cow,” is a marine mammal known for its herbivorous habits. With their unique appearance and slow movements, dugongs contribute to the lagoon’s marine diversity.
  4. Clownfish (Amphiprionidae):
    • Darting among the coral formations, clownfish, like the famous Nemo, are colorful and social reef dwellers. With their vibrant hues and symbiotic relationships with anemones, these fish bring the coral gardens to life.
  5. Saltwater Crocodile (Crocodylus porosus):
    • Patrolling the mangrove-lined shores, the saltwater crocodile is a powerful reptile and apex predator. With their stealth and formidable jaws, these crocodiles play a crucial role in maintaining the ecological balance of Marovo Lagoon.
  6. Frigatebird (Fregata spp.):
    • Soaring high above the lagoon, frigatebirds are elegant seabirds with distinctive long wings and forked tails. With their aerial prowess and keen eyesight, these birds are often seen gliding in search of prey.
  7. Dolphin (Various Species):
    • Playfully leaping in the lagoon’s waves, dolphins, including the spinner and spotted dolphins, are intelligent and social marine mammals. With their acrobatic displays, these dolphins enchant visitors with their joyful presence.
  8. Coconut Crab (Birgus latro):
    • Scuttling through the coastal areas, the coconut crab is the world’s largest terrestrial arthropod. With their impressive size and ability to climb trees, these crabs are a unique and fascinating sight around Marovo Lagoon.
  9. Coral Trout (Plectropomus spp.):
    • Patrolling the coral reefs, coral trout are vibrant and predatory fish known for their striking colors. With their importance in maintaining the health of coral ecosystems, these fish contribute to the underwater biodiversity.
  10. Kingfisher (Todiramphus spp.):
    • Flitting among the mangroves and coastal vegetation, kingfishers are colorful and agile birds. With their distinctive calls and impressive hunting skills, these birds add to the avian diversity of Marovo Lagoon.

Exploring Marovo Lagoon promises not only the beauty of its turquoise waters but also the chance to witness the incredible variety of life that calls this Pacific paradise home. From the iconic manta rays to the elusive dugongs, each species contributes to the ecological harmony of this tropical haven.

Ways to Experience

Nestled in the Solomon Islands, Marovo Lagoon stands as a tropical paradise, boasting crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and a rich cultural tapestry. Recognized as one of the world’s largest saltwater lagoons, Marovo beckons travelers with its serene beauty and diverse marine life.

Ways to Experience Marovo Lagoon:

  1. Snorkeling Adventures:
    • Dive into Snorkeling Adventures. Immerse yourself in the underwater wonders of Marovo Lagoon. Snorkel over vibrant coral gardens, encounter colorful fish, and witness the diverse marine life thriving in these pristine waters.
  2. Island-Hopping Excursions:
    • Embark on Island-Hopping Excursions. Explore the numerous picturesque islands scattered throughout the lagoon. Each island offers unique cultural experiences, from traditional dances to encounters with local artisans.
  3. Traditional Canoe Tours:
    • Take Traditional Canoe Tours. Glide through the lagoon’s calm waters in a traditional dugout canoe. Local guides navigate you through mangrove forests, revealing the natural beauty and cultural significance of the surroundings.
  4. Cultural Village Visits:
    • Experience Cultural Village Visits. Connect with the local communities surrounding Marovo Lagoon. Visit traditional villages, partake in cultural ceremonies, and gain insights into the customs and daily life of the Solomon Islands.
  5. Fishing Excursions:
    • Join Fishing Excursions. Engage in a fishing adventure in the bountiful waters of Marovo Lagoon. Whether trolling for game fish or trying your hand at traditional fishing methods, the lagoon offers a diverse array of fishing experiences.
  6. Sunset Cruises:
    • Enjoy Sunset Cruises. Witness breathtaking sunsets over the lagoon’s tranquil waters. Relax on a boat cruise as the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the islands and creating a magical atmosphere.
  7. Dolphin and Whale Watching:
    • Participate in Dolphin and Whale Watching Tours. Encounter the marine giants that call the lagoon home. Spot dolphins frolicking in the waves or witness majestic whales during their migration season.
  8. Kayaking Expeditions:
    • Explore with Kayaking Expeditions. Paddle through the lagoon’s secluded coves and mangrove channels on a kayaking adventure. This allows you to experience the beauty of Marovo at your own pace.
  9. Diving Exploration:
    • Dive into Diving Exploration. Discover the underwater wonders beneath Marovo Lagoon’s surface. With numerous dive sites, explore coral reefs, underwater caves, and encounter a variety of marine species.
  10. Beach Relaxation:
    • Unwind with Beach Relaxation. Indulge in the tranquility of Marovo’s pristine beaches. Whether lounging in a hammock or strolling along the shore, savor moments of relaxation in this tropical paradise.

Marovo Lagoon, with its blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, invites you to explore its diverse offerings. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, cultural enthusiast, or simply seeking relaxation, Marovo Lagoon promises an unforgettable journey in the heart of the Solomon Islands.

Best Time

Nestled in the Solomon Islands, Marovo Lagoon is a tropical paradise awaiting exploration. Choosing the best time to visit ensures an immersive experience in this pristine lagoon, where vibrant marine life, lush landscapes, and cultural richness converge.

Best Time to Visit:

  • Dry Season (April to October):
    • Average Temperatures: 75°F to 88°F (24°C to 31°C)
    • The dry season offers ideal conditions for exploring Marovo Lagoon. With warm temperatures and minimal rainfall, this period provides excellent visibility for snorkeling and diving, allowing you to witness the kaleidoscope of coral reefs and marine species that call the lagoon home.
  • Wet Season (November to March):
    • Average Temperatures: 77°F to 90°F (25°C to 32°C)
    • While the wet season brings occasional rain showers, it also introduces lush greenery and blooming flora. The warm temperatures create a tropical ambiance, and the cultural activities, such as traditional dances and festivals, are in full swing during this time.

Reasons to Visit Each Season:

  • Dry Season Delights:
    • Snorkeling and Diving: The dry season provides optimal conditions for underwater exploration. Crystal-clear waters reveal vibrant coral formations, schools of tropical fish, and other marine wonders.
    • Island Hopping: With calm seas and clear skies, the dry season is perfect for island-hopping adventures. Discover secluded beaches, traditional villages, and the diverse ecosystems that make up Marovo Lagoon.
  • Wet Season Vibrancy:
    • Cultural Experiences: The wet season offers a chance to immerse yourself in local culture. Engage in traditional celebrations, witness colorful ceremonies, and interact with the welcoming communities that add depth to your Marovo Lagoon experience.
    • Lush Landscapes: While brief rain showers occur, they contribute to the lushness of the surroundings. Explore thriving rainforests, witness the rejuvenation of flora, and capture the vibrant hues that define Marovo Lagoon during the wet season.


Whether you prefer the dry season’s underwater wonders or the wet season’s cultural vibrancy, Marovo Lagoon beckons with its year-round allure. From thrilling water adventures to cultural immersions, each season unveils a unique facet of this tropical haven, ensuring an unforgettable journey for those seeking the beauty of the Solomon Islands.