The original 7 Wonders of Nature were created based on statistical and historical significance.  Although there are longer, or deeper, or wider canyons, the Grand Canyon has historically and collectively been recognized as the largest canyon in the world when all factors are considered.

The aurora borealis earned wonder status because of its true unique awe and wonder as a natural phenomenon.  Apart from the northern lights, the other world wonders represented something statistically different than their counterparts in other parts of the world.

7 Natural Wonders of a Continent

Whether the 7 Natural Wonders of Africa, the 7 Natural Wonders of Europe, or any other continent, the wonder winners were selected because of their statistical significance and uniqueness across that continent.

These wonders represent the most unique, the largest, the tallest, the longest, or some other statistical significant measurement.  Personal bias and preference had to be removed.  Although the public and professional voting aligned, the winners were determined by scientists, professors, conservation executives, and tourism professionals who knew the importance of differentiating preferences by leveraging statistical significance.  The Declaration Committee represents some of the many voters who provided their expertise in determining the appropriate winners.

There has never been a sponsorship or financial transaction of any kind in selecting and designating the wonder winners.  These wonders earned the status based on their own merits.

Country Wonders

A Country Wonder is an opportunity to further celebrate and recognize the magnificent nature of our glorious planet.  A country wonder still considers statistical significance, wonder status at the country level also considers historical and cultural significance.  It also allows for a potential wonder to have an intersection between the natural and the cultural.

Wonder status is placed about deserving facets of nature within a given country.  Wonder status elevates the significance of nature’s uniqueness or grandeur in a given country over other enjoyable nature attractions.

Becoming a Wonder

If you are a country governmental representative and you believe you have a natural phenomenon and nature attraction that is wonder worthy, please reach out to us here at Seven Natural Wonders.  There are no fees for wonder status consideration.  We will be happy to take your candidate into consideration and have a meaningful discussion about its statistical and historical significance.  Please reach out to us with your inquiry and suggestion through our Contact Us page.


Pinnacles vs Pinnacles

Pinnacles vs Pinnacles

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