Pinnacles Desert

Thousands of limestone pillars scattered throughout the sandy desert creating a spectacular landscape.

Pinnacles Desert Quick Facts:

  • Located in Nambung National Park in Australia
  • Thousands of limestone pillars across the desert sands

Pinnacles Desert

Pinnacles Desert is located in Nambung National Park in the western part of Australia. The pinnacles are limestone pillars that protrude out of the sand. There are thousands of pillars that stretch across the desert sand creating an incredibly unique landscape.

The Pinnacles are all different shapes and sizes with some reaching ## feet (3.5 m) high. The pinnacles may be jagged, rounded, sharp-edged, or any combination depending on how the wind has eroded them away.

Best way to see and experience the Pinnacle Desert

More will follow on the Bay of Fundy as it is declared an official or notable wonder of Oceania.

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