Milford Sound

Milford Sound Quick Facts:

  • Considered one of the wettest inhabited places on the earth
  • Recognized as a world heritage site
  • Runs a length of 15 kilometers

Milford Sound

The fjord known as Milford Sound is located in the south west part of New Zealand’s South Island. Milford Sound extends 15 kilometers inland from the mouth of the fjord. The mouth of the fjord is Dale Point and connects to the Tasman Sea. Milford Sound is the most frequented wonder of nature throughout all of New Zealand.

Milford Sound is surrounded by amazing rock faces that reach peaks over four thousand feet. Some of the famous peaks include The Elephant with a peak of 4,977 feet (1,517 meters) and The Lion which reaches a peak of 4,272 feet (1,203 meters).

The wildlife of Milford Sound includes penguins, seals, dolphins, numerous birds, and some times whales. The scenery is spectacular with lush rain forests hugging the cliffs. Lady Bowen Falls and Stirling Falls are two falls that can be experienced year round, however because of the rainfall numerous temporary falls are often enjoyed as well.

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