The Sheraton Iguazu Resort and Spa is one of the hotel accommodations that represent the epitome of “Location, Location, Location.” The resort is the only hotel located in the actual Iguassu Falls National Park on the Argentinean side of the falls.

The resort and spa leverages the significance of the location with the expected Sheraton quality and friendly service to create a wonder of nature experience that is hard to match. Guests will either be booked overlooking the rainforest or overlooking the spectacular Iguassu Falls. The roof top provides guest with an observation deck to get an enhanced view of the falls.

As guests arrive and enter into the resort they immediately notice the falls through the window behind reception. Ulrich Mieth, Resort Manager, noted, It is funny to watch as people walk in, they skip reception and immediately move towards the window taking pictures of the falls as if they were going to go away.”

It is hard not to be pleasantly distracted with such a wonder of nature. Although the reason visitors stay at the Sheraton is because they have come to explore Iguassu Falls, it is good to know that you can complete your check in without fear of the falls going away.

The Grounds & Amenities

There Sheraton Iguazu Resort & Spa is physically located in the grounds of the national park. The surrounding grassy areas of the resort property are well manicured while accentuated with the tropical trees of the rainforest.

Guests should expect to find the typical Sheraton quality found in their resort and hotel properties. It is not one of their elite hotels, but it is one of their premiere locations.

The dining area, bar and lounge, as well as the gift shop and activities center all look out over the falls. The Sheraton knows why you came and they do everything possible to expose you to a wonderful Iguassu Falls experience.

The Sheraton Iguazu Resort and Spa delivers a variety of amenities that make a stay enjoyable, relaxing, and rejuvenating. One cannot help but envision tranquility, peace or a taste of heaven while exploring the magnificent beauty and splendor of Iguassu Falls. The Sheraton seeks to transcend that feeling with a variety of healthy and peace of mind venues.

Guest can take leverage various massage settings, yoga and stretching classes, a comprehensive workout facility, or the wading pool to foster the tranquility offered by the Iguassu Falls ecosystem.

Here is a glimpse into the grounds and health venues available at the Sheraton Iguazu:

Room with a View

Each room on the falls side is presented with a balcony allowing visitors to stay in the room and still experience the falls.

Views of the falls are also available from the dining room, the bar and lounge, the rooftop observation deck, and various lounging areas around the resort.

It is hard to find a place in the hotel where you cannot experience the falls in some fashion.

Here are a couple of images that show what you might see from a room on the falls side of the hotel:


The Sheraton Iguazu Resort and Spa is Seven Natural Wonders – Recommended

The Sheraton provides guests with “backstage passes.” Visitors literally have a back door and exclusive entrance into Iguassu Falls National Park. The location of the resort and the falls grounds allows visitors to come and go and explore Iguassu Falls at their leisure.

The hotel provides the majority of guests with a personal “room with a view” encounter of the falls keeping this wonder of nature before you as much as possible.

President’s Note

There is nothing better than stepping out of your hotel directly into the Garden of Eden, and this is just the experience visits can expect when staying at the Sheraton Iguazu. The Sheraton delivers typical Sheraton quality when it comes to amenities and property care.

If you can time your visit right, you can also explore Iguassu Falls during the full moon. The national park allows visitors to go inside the park at night during 4 evenings of the month when the moon is full. It is a wonderful way to experience the Devil’s Throat a main part of the falls.

Although one side of the hotel looks out over the rainforest instead of the falls, it does not ruin the trip or take away from the other benefits offered by the Sheraton as visitors seek to explore and enjoy Iguassu Falls. It is motivation to schedule your vacation or holiday early and get that request in for the falls side.

The “location, location, location” of the Sheraton helps visitors truly have a Seven Natural Wonders type of experience with this splendorous wonder of nature.


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