[well]Angel Falls Quick Facts:

  • Highest waterfall in the world with a height at 3,212 feet (979 m)
  • Clear drop of 2,647 feet (807 m)
  • Also known as “Kerepakupai meru” which means “waterfall of the deepest place


Angel Falls

Angel Falls is found in Venezuela in the Canaima National Park. It is the highest waterfall in the world at 3,212 feet (979 m). The falls has a clear drop of 2,647 feet (807 m) which is so far that the water vaporizes with the wind and becomes mist well before reaching the ground. Angel Falls is also called Kerepakupai meru which means “waterfall of the deepest place.”

Here is a more in-depth look at Angel Falls, and one of the official sites for the falls.

Best way to see and experience Angel Falls

More will follow on the Angel Falls as it is declared an official or notable wonder of South America.