[well]Eisriesenwelt Cave Quick Facts:

  • Eisriesenwelt is German meaning “World of the Ice Giants”
  • Largest ice cave in the world
  • Extends 26.1 miles (42 km) inside Hochkogel mountain


Eisriesenwelt Cave

The Eisriesenwelt Cave is the worlds largest ice cave. The cave is part of the Hochkogel mountain in Austria. Only the first .62 of a mile (1 km) is covered in ice whereas the rest of the cave comes from natural occurring limestone.

Eisriesenwelt Cave was created by the Salzach river as it flowed through the mountain eroding into the mountain creating passageways. The snow melted and drained into the cave and froze during the winter. The temperatures and cold wind from inside keeps the ice cave present throughout the year.

Best way to see and experience Eisriesenwelt Cave

More will follow on the Eisriesenwelt Cave as it is declared an official or notable wonder of Europe.