[well]Son Doong Cave Facts:

  • Largest cave in Vieetnam
  • Largest cave in the world
  • 656 feet (200 m) wide, 492 feet (150 m) high, and 5.6 miles (9 km) long
  • One mile wide (1.7 km) and 360 feet high (108 meters)
  • Full name is Hang Son Doong


Son Doong Cave

Son Doong Cave is the largest cave in the world. With measurements of over 200 meters (656 feet) wide and 150 meters (492 feet) high as well as a length of 9 kilometers (5.6 miles) makes this cave nothing short of massive.

Before the year 2009, Malaysia’s Deer Cave was regarded as the largest cave in the world until a group of scientists from the British Cave Research Association explored and studied the Son Doong Cave finding it was in fact over twice the size of Deer Cave.

Named also by BBC News, the “most beautiful cave on the globe” makes this one of the great natural wonders of Asia. It is a mountain river cave featuring a fast flowing subterranean river.

Son Doong Cave is mostly comprised of limestone that has over time shaped into some of the tallest stalagmite formations in the world. Within Son Doong Cave visitors will find it is so big that it contains its own jungle and river and has the capacity to be able to fit a 40-story skyscraper inside. The source of the river still remains unknown to this day with future plans of the British Cave Research Association to return soon and attempt to solve the many mysteries this cave holds.

Where is Son Doong Cave

Son Doong Cave is located in Son Trach, Bo Trach District, Quang Binh province, Vietnam in Southeast Asia. Looking at a map it will appear that the cave is almost directly in the middle of Vietnam more towards the landside as opposed to the coastal side.

The district in which the cave is located in is in the heart of a National Park named Phong Nha Ke Bang. Situated below another cave and only with a very steep access explains the reasoning behind why the cave was only recently discovered and explored.

If visitors were to walk to the cave from the Truong Son Highway it would take 6 hours through a 10-kilometer (6-mile) pathway until reaching the entrance of Son Doong Cave.

Best ways to see and experience Son Doong Cave

Only recently in the year 2013 was the cave opened to the public. Now, there are very few different tours available for those who want to explore this natural wonder of the world.

As of 2014, only 224 visitors were permitted to visit and enter the cave so if you are lucky enough to be one of those while in Vietnam then there’s no need to worry about large crowds or feeling too cramped within the limestone walls of the cave.

Be sure to take into account that every single person visiting the Son Doong Cave will have to enter by rappelling down 80 meters by ropes and a harness. There is also a pilot tour company that has recently come about and only taken about two-dozen visitors to and through the cave.

The six-day long camping tour will allow visitors to actually stay and camp inside the cave and explore throughout each day.

Best time to visit the Son Doong Cave

Visiting the natural wonder by every day tourists is currently a challenge. The first tourist group experienced the cave in August 2013. The cost of admission was $3,000 a person.