Victoria Falls is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Capturing a view of these falls leaves one speechless and is worth a trip to the area. The good news is there are a series of activities and adventures available for visitors to leverage for engaging and exploring the falls. Return to Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Activities

Visiting the Falls – It is essential that you plan to hike or walk the trails along the top of the falls and across the gorge. These trails give you a face to face view of the falls and follow the falls all along the opposite side of the gorge. If you are staying at the Zambezi Sun or Royal Livingstone, you have unlimited and free access to the falls as part of your guest benefits. Make sure you download the free guide for more insights on hiking the falls.

Royal Livingstone Express – Take a lunch or dinner trip aboard this luxury and historic train. The outing allows you to experience varying views of the area, enjoy exquisite cuisine while experiencing the train like the days of old.

Victoria Falls Air and Sky Activities

Helicopter Tour – The most panoramic and comprehensive view of the falls comes from the sky above. Batoka Sky is a helicopter company that provides you with a couple of options for flying over the falls and experiencing their vastness.

Microlites – These motorized, piloted glider type vehicles also deliver the panoramic views from above, however these are by all means more exhilarating. These usually fly a little lower than the helicopters making the falls experience more intimate as well. Not for those with fear of heights.

Bungee Jumping – Those with no fear of heights and a great sense of adventure can make their way to the bridge between Zambia and Zimbabwe to go bungee jumping down into the gorge. This is a 364 foot (111 m) drop into the gorge.

Abseiling – Those with a desire for adventure and exhilaration can take advantage of the incredible gorge with a high wire zip or a high wire swing out over the gorge. These are certain to get your heart pumping – you can get back to viewing the beautiful canyon after you get done screaming.

Victoria Falls Water Activities

River Boarding – This adventure has you laying on a board with your feet hanging in the water to serve as navigation. Then you are riding the waves and rapids of the Zambezi River. A helmut and life-jacket is included in the adventure.

White Water Rafting – Experience the waves and rapids of the Zambezi through a guided white-water rafting trip. Helmets, life-jackets and lots of water are certain to make this adventure a fun-filled time.

Kayaking – Take a journey below the falls to find your personal kayak. You can then travel down the challenging rapids below the falls. The canyon is beautiful which will only enhance this adventure.

Canoeing – Canoeing usually takes place above the falls which allows you to explore the Zambezi River without the rapids. Above the falls, the Zambezi River follows the national park and it is quite possible you can witness wildlife coming to the river for a drink. Experienced guides will help you enjoy the experience without engaging hippos or other challenges.

Sunset Diner Cruise – Although you can take a lunch (day) time trip down the Zambezi, it is imperative that take advantage of one of the most amazing sunsets with a dinner cruise. Make sure you confirm what dinner should be like, because in most cases it is more like tasty finger foods and appetizers. The sun setting on the Zambezi River is worth the outing. A similar experience but a potentially more rowdy is the Booze cruise.

Jet Extreme – This adventure leverages a high powered jet boat to take you through the rapids at high speeds. Bouncing over and through the waves and flying down the river is rather exhilarating.

Fishing – For those who love to fish, you can secure a guide who knows the river and make your way up river from the falls. The fishing is good and anglers will have a variety of fish to chase.

Victoria Falls Wildlife Activities

Elephant Safari – Taking a safari and spotting wildlife is frequently atop nature lover’s wish lists, but how often do you get to do that while riding on the back of an elephant. Worst case scenario, this is an intriguing way to experience the surrounding scenery.

Horseback Riding – Similar to the elephant safari, horseback riding puts you on the back of a horse while you explore the scenery along the Zambezi River. All along the way you are keeping your eyes open watching for wildlife.

Game Drives – Masi-oa-Tunya National Park runs from Victoria Falls along the Zambezi River. Although it is the smallest national park it Zambia, it makes for a great safari. This is usually a 1/2 day adventure either in the morning or later in the afternoon. One of the highlights is that this is the only place in Zambia that has the rare white rhinos.

Birding – You can hire an expert guide who will take you around town or out and about looking for the birds that call Victoria Falls home. Make sure you take binoculars.

Lion Encounters – This can be done on either the Zambia or Zimbabwe side. This makes for an exciting adventure particularly for families. The lions are roaming free and you are out walking with them. There will probably be an opportunity for pictures with them as well. It is not too often that you can walk alongside the king of beasts.

Chobe National Park – This may be the best and most recommended adventure for those wishing to witness wildlife. This day-trip safari is half in a boat on the Chobe River and half in a open-aired land rover through the national park. You will see wildlife and in particular. By the end of the day you will be saying, “Oh some more elephants.” Chobe NP has the largest population of elephants in all of Africa.

Victoria Falls Cultural and Historical Activities

Livingstone Island – The number of guests to the island are limited, so make sure you schedule this quickly if this is something you want to do. This is the place where David Livingstone first saw the falls. Access to the island is also determined by water levels. Guests of the Tongabezi have special access.

Curio Market – For those that like shopping, the Curio Market right outside the gates of Victoria Falls features over 30 different local vendors sharing African artifacts, wood carvings, artwork and more. This is a great place to find deals on souvenirs, and can even be an adventure for those who enjoy haggling or negotiating a steal.

David Livingstone Museum – This museum features the largest collection of David Livingstone memorabilia in the world. The museum also provides guests with an in-depth view of the history of Livingstone and some of the cultural facets from the area.

Railway Museum – The museum is in Livingstone, Zambia and features refurbished steam engines and other railway memorabilia. You will also find railroad history and the significant part it played in developing Livingstone and the surrounding area.

Chief Mukuni – You can schedule a time to meet Chief Mukuni in his village and experience some of the local African native culture. Discover traditions of some of the facets of Zambian life.

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