Welcome to Resources for South America! This page is dedicated to providing you with access to information to help you learn more about the natural wonders of Africa. You will also find resources that are available to help you explore, experience and engage the wonders of nature from this wild continent. Below you will find a section of resources on the following:

  • Seven Natural Wonders of South America
  • Natural Wonders by Country
  • Wildlife in South America
  • Conservation Efforts

Seven Natural Wonders of South America

The Harbor of Rio de Janeiro is the only one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World found in South America. You will find resources for the Harbor of Rio de Janeiro on the main resource page. This section is dedicated to the 7 Wonders of South America:

Natural Wonders by Country

You will find resources to help you explore, engage and experience the wonders of nature country by country. If you do not see a country, it is because Seven Natural Wonders is still developing things in that area.

Wildlife in South America

Africa may be the first thing you think of for mammals, but South America tops the list when it comes to birds. The good news is that this continent also delivers an array of amazing wildlife to experience. This section is committed to exposing you to the wildlife of South America.

Conservation in South America

Conservation, eco-tourism, and protecting the wonders of nature is the most important part of Seven Natural Wonders. SNW seeks looks to help people discover, explore and learn more about the wonders of nature so that they fall in love with them. It is hard to create a philosophy and practice of conservation without having a passion for what you are protecting. Below are resources for conservation efforts in or for South America.