[well]Valle de la Luna Quick Facts

  • Name means “Valley of the Moon”
  • Feature various geological facets
  • Varying colors of sandstone add to the aesthetic nature of the landscape


Valle de la Luna

Translated to ‘Valley of the Moon”, Valle de la Luna can be found in both Bolivia and has proven to be a unique and natural wonder not only to South America but to the entire world.

Looking out over the vast landscape, there can be an assortment of surroundings that include large mountains, tall spires and parts of the land that has been formed due to erosion. There have been several different types of mineral that is found within each of these different areas, which therefore create a vast assortment of colors on the sides of the mountains. This makes Valle de la Luna an incomparable sight to see and place to experience up close.

Due to the fact that this natural wonder is made up mostly of dry soil and sediments, there is not much to be seen of plant or animal life. The few plant life that can be seen are either cacti or small flowering plants scattered in what seem to be random areas throughout. Animal life here consists of mainly coyotes and few species of birds that roam the area.

Though just ten years back there were no signs of buildings or houses in the area, there is now a growing population despite the unstable soil that they are being built upon. As more time passes, this area will likely continue to see a growth in inhabitants here for people looking to be in the middle of this uniquely beautiful wonder.

Where is Valle de la Luna located

Valle de la Luna is located only 10 kilometers from downtown La Paz in Bolivia, which is toward the southern end of the city. It is also not very far from the small town of Mallasa and due to its location, can very easily be reached.

The coordinates for Valle de la Luna are 16°34’02″S and 68°05′40″W.

Best Ways to See and Experience Valle de la Luna

Because of its easy to reach location, it is very likely that you can do a daytrip out to Valle de la Luna and be able to see all that the place has to offer. Wander through the hiking and walking trails where you will come across many points to take pictures and even sit down and relax in the more shaded areas.

The majority of visitors explore Valle de la Luna by hiking and walking the various trails around the area. Some explore a little more adventure climbing amongst the rocks and cliffs, but the majority enjoy the various vistas and views of this amazing landscape.

No matter when you decide to visit or what you plan on doing while there, Valle de la Luna is amongst one of Bolivia’s great natural wonders and a must-visit to see and explore.

Best Times to Explore Valle de la Luna

For those hoping to get an up close and personal experience with Valle de la Luna, most visitors seem to head out during the early morning and explore the area by the mostly well kept paths. This time of the day is usually best due to the extremely hot weather that can occur during the early and late afternoons.

If you go during a day that is particularly hot or plan to be on the trails for more than an hour or two, always remember to pack plenty of water to stay hydrated, sunscreen and a hat to protect your face from being burnt. Because of the type of soil that makes up Valle de la Luna, be cautious of where you step as it can easily break away under your feet.

Valle de la Luna Travel Tips

More travel tips coming for Valle de la Luna. If you are a travel expert familiar with Bolivia or the Valle de la Luna area, you are invited to contact Seven Natural Wonders with advice and tips.