[well]Franz Josef Quick Facts:

  • A glacier that is (12 km) long
  • Descends from the Southern Alps to less than (300 m) above sea level
  • Only (19 km) away from the sea makes it one of three glaciers that come that close to the coastline


Franz Josef Glacier

The Franz Josef Glacier is found in the Westland National Park in New Zealand. The glacier is 12 km long, but that is not what makes it unique. There are two features that make this glacier stand out apart from the visual beauty. First, the glacier descends from the higher elevations of the Southern Alps to less than 300 m above sea level into a temperate rainforest area. Second, the glacier foot is only 19 km from the coastline making it one of three glaciers that are that close to the shore.

Best way to see the Franz Josef Glacier

More will follow on the Franz Josef Glacier as it is declared an official or notable wonder of Oceania.: