[well]Uluru Quick Facts:

  • Also referred to as Uluru
  • Sacred rock to the Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people
  • Features include springs, waterholes, and caves



Ayers Rock is a large sandstone rock formation that appears out in the middle of no where in central Australia. This wonder is 208 miles ( 335 km) from the closest large town. Ayers Rock, also called Uluru, reaches a peak of 1,142 feet (348 m) and measures 5.8 miles (9.4 km) around. Ayers Rock features waterholes, springs, and rock caves. Although not relevant to natural characteristics, Uluru has historical significance because of ancient paintings found within the caves.

In addition to the geological features, another notable feature is the changing of colors as the sun light strikes the rock at different times throughout the day. It tends to glow red as the sun sets marking one of the best views.

Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is made of a type of sandstone that is characterized by feldspar and conglomerate. The rock is sacred to the Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people of the area.

Best way to see and experience Uluru

What is the best way to see Uluru?  Experience Uluru?  The good news is there are a number of activities you can leverage to enhance your natural wonder experience. There are two activities that are a necessity to really grasp the uniqueness of Uluru.

Walk About

We are in Australia, so a walk about is essential. The traditional walk about is more meandering the wilderness to listen for life lessons, whereas a Uluru walk about is more intentional. The first thing you need to plan is a walk about around the perimeter of the rock.  The trek around the rock is flat and easy, but it takes about 4.5 hours. During the warmer days, it is highly recommended to start this journey in the morning and take plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

There are a number of other trails that escort you into the caves, waterholes and other unique characteristics of the rock. These are shorter than the perimeter journey, but they do give you and up close and personal encounter with this natural wonder.

Helicopter Tour

As you make your way towards Uluru it is easy to see how unique this magnificent rock cropping is.  Here you in amidst this arid flat land and all of the sudden, there it is.  It protrudes out of nowhere.  A helicopter tour that takes you out around Uluru, let’s you really grasp how unique it really is.

From the skies you will capture a different perspective of Uluru and that is worth the trip itself.  However, capturing the reality of how strange, different, and isolated Uluru is from the rest of the terrain is quite a site.  It is imperative that you leverage a helicopter tour to capture the complete essence of this natural wonder.  Ayers Rock Helicopters provides a variety of Uluru tours with options to take in other fascinating features of the Northern Territory.

If you want to spoil yourself, you can take advantage of the Uluru helicopter tour that takes you out and around the rock before delivering you to an outdoor dining experiences that overlooks Uluru.  This could be the highlight finale of your trip to see this natural wonder.

Other Activities

Sunset & Sunrise – The national park has created two different places for viewing the sunset and sunrise with Uluru.  The clouds can make or break this activity.  It is a great experience to watch the colors of Uluru change as the light rises and falls across her face.

Camelback – Camels are not native to Australia, but they have become a permanent resident.  Visitors can take a camelback ride through the terrain and around Uluru getting a different perspective of the rock as well as a unique experience atop a camel.