[well]Saltstraumen Quick Facts

  • Strongest tidal current in the world
  • Tidal current reaches up to 520,000,000 cubic yards
  • Abundant flora and fauna



Saltstraumen is a strait in northern Norway that is home to the strongest tidal current found throughout the entire world. Every six hours an incredible phenomenon occurs within the waters of the strait, making it a unique sight to see and a rare natural wonder.

The strength of the tidal current that occurs goes up to 520,000,000 cubic yards (400,000,000 cu m) of seawater that then forces its way through the 490 feet (150 m) wide and 1.9 miles (3 km) long strait. The speeds in which the water moves can reach up to 25 mph (22 kmh), which then begins to create another natural occurrence within the middle of this force known as Vortices. These are also known as either whirlpools or maelstroms and they can reach up to 33 feet (10 m) in diameter and 16 feet (5 m) in depth.

Because of the straits location and the fact that it connects the outer Saltifjorden to the large Skjerstadfjorden, these strong tidal currents and Vortices occur when the small body of water tries to fill the larger body of water. This also creates a height difference of sea level, making the strait navigable for only certain times of the day.

The tidal current has been said to be around for possibly up to 3,000 years and for nearly that entire time, it has brought an abundance of fish within its waters. The fish that are often found here each day by fishermen include wolfish, cod, saithe, rose fish, halibut with the most prized catch being the coalfish.

Where is Saltstraumen

Saltstraumen is located in northern Norway and can be found underneath the Saltstraumen Bridge on Norwegian Country Road 17. More specifically, it is located within the Bodo municipality in Nordland County and is just 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) southeast of the town of Bodo itself.

The coordinates of Pantanal are 67°014′N and 14°37′E.

Best Ways to See and Experience Saltstraumen

For those who want to get an extremely up close and personal experience of Saltstraumen there are in fact several different activity options available. To try your luck at catching one of the many large fish found within Saltstraumen, visitors can head out on a fishing boat by either private trips or joining a group for the day.

Also because of the high population of fish and marine life within the waters of Saltstraumen, scuba diving is another very popular activity for both locals and guests. This activity of course needs to be taken with precaution of the waters currents and tidal strengths before heading out but when timed correctly can be an adventure of a lifetime.

For those who are looking to head to Saltstraumen without getting so close, you can look up the local signal station where there are schedules about “time windows” when certain ships are allowed to pass through the strait. There are also several hiking trails around the surroundings of Saltstraumen, which are the perfect option for those who like to explore and get a different feel for this natural wonder of the world.

Best Times to Explore Saltstraumen

The best time to visit this wonder of nature is when the tide is at its highest point. You can inquire specific tidal schedules when in the area, but the high tide is the best time.

Travelers visiting Norway should plan their visits during the summer months of June through August. The earlier months of the summer, particularly June are the peak time for visiting. This means more tourist crowd, which for those with more flexible schedules you might opt for May or September. The weather can be a bit cooler, but still comfortable.

Saltstraumen Travel Tips

More travel tips coming for Saltstraumen. If you are a travel expert familiar with Norway or the Saltstraumen area, you are invited to contact Seven Natural Wonders with advice and tips.