[well]Blue Grotto Quick Facts

  • Located on the coast of the island of Capri
  • About 150 meters deep
  • Cave stretches back about 50 meters into the cliff
  • Locally called Grotta Azzurra


Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is a sea cave found in southern Italy on the island of Capri. The local Italians call the wonder Grotta Azzurra. The name is derived from the coloring of the water and cave created by the light entering through a small hole in the cliff.

The blue reflection from the water illuminates the cave creating an aurora of blue throughout the cavern. There are two sources of light. The first is a small hole in the cave wall found at the water level. The second hole, which is quite larger, lies beneath the entrance way allowing light in from below.

Collectively, the two light sources create an amazing blue aurora throughout the cave. The larger hole underneath the water is considered the primary light source. This unique setting creates a special glow. This glow can be further experienced by placing a hand in the water off the side of the boat and seeing the effects to the hand.

Some say that it is eerie while others report that it is magical. In either case, travelers are usually left in amazement enjoying in pure wonder.

Where is the Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto is located in the south part of Italy along the western coast of the country. Just south of Naples is a small jetty reaching into the sea from the city of Salerno. Visitors would travel to the tip of this jetty and take a boat or ferry to the island of Capri. The grotto is located on the far northwest corner of the island.

Best Ways to See and Experience the Blue Grotto

The only real way to see and experience the Blue Grotto is by boat. Visitors should join a tour or hire one of the local guides to boat out along the coast. Travelers should look for two different perspectives when taking in all the grotto has to offer. The first is the coast line and the entrance into the sea cave.

The second experience, and the one that is more impressive, comes from inside the cave. The hole to the cave is just large enough to allow small boats to enter. Once inside guests should take advantage of any photography opportunities. Additionally, travelers should feel the water and see how the cave illuminates their hands in the water.

The Blue Grotto is primarily an aesthetic experience. It is an opportunity to just enjoy the incredible beauty that has been created by the combination of the water, the particular holes in the cave, and the reflection of the light sources inside the cave.

Best Times to Explore the Blue Grotto

The summer months of June through August are the best times to visit the caves. Temperatures are warmer making it more comfortable out on the boat and in the water. Visits can happen in May, September and October, but there is a greater chance of cold interfering with the experience. The winter months can be rather uncomfortable.

Blue Grotto Travel Tips

Naples is probably the easiest city to fly into for convenience when it comes to visiting the Blue Grotto. However, with more flights offered to Rome and possible lower fares, it is worth exploring. Travel from Rome is not that much further.