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Germany is a European country that is well known because of its places in history. The country is well known for beers and German dining, but the good news is that the country is also home to an abundance of nature attractions.


Zugspitze is the tallest mountain in Germany. The mountain climbs to a peak of 9,718 feet (2,962 m). Prominence readings account for 5,728 feet (1,746 m). Although not particularly tall, Zugspitze stands out as a magnificent mountain. In addition to being the largest mountain in Germany, it is also home to the two largest glaciers as well.

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Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea contains Denmark’s largest national parks stretching across 1,466 square kilometers (566 square miles) whereas the sea itself is a total of 1,143,403 hectares. Named a national park on January 17th, 2008 but not fully established and opened until October 16th, 2010, the Wadden Sea is a place not only known for it’s impressive size and water but also for it’s extraordinary wildlife species that reside within its lands.

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