[well]Mons Klint Quick Facts

  • LAlso called Mons Cliffs
  • Extend 4.3 miles (7 km) along the Denmark coast
  • Reaches a height of 420 feet (128 m)


Mons Klint or Mons Cliffs

Mons Cliffs are one of the most unique and wondrous natural formations in all of Denmark. Stretching across with a total width of 7 kilometers (4.3 miles) and reaching up to 128 meters (420 feet) high, Mons Cliffs include one of the highest points throughout the entire country.

This natural wonder was formed millions of years ago and is what makes up the Danish island of Mon, where in which it has gotten its name. The entirety of the cliffs is made from the collection of millions of shells from microscopic creatures called coccolithophores, which in fact lived over 70 millions years ago and now has formed completely into chalky soil.

Because of the type of chalky like soil that the cliffs are made from, at times several parts and pieces of the cliffs either seem to vanish or even fall into the sea. One in particular that has been the biggest one to fall so far took place in 2007 and was the part of the cliff that was named “Store Taler”. It fell down 100 meters (328 feet) and then proceeded to move another 300 meters (984 feet) in the sea in which it created what it now a small white peninsula visible from the cliffs.

The surrounding terrain also includes ponds, steep hills, pastures and woodlands. Because of its unique location and type of land, Mons Cliffs is home to several unique and rare flora that consists of over 20 different species of wild orchid, several trees and other types of flowers scattered throughout the cliffs.

The fauna found here is also extremely impressive with the combination of rich marine life found in the surrounding Baltic Sea as well as the recent return of the peregrine falcon, which came back to breed after a 30 year absence. Another creature found at Mons Cliffs is the rare large blue butterfly, Maculinea arion that is always an impressive and beautiful sight to see while visiting.

Where is the Mons Klint

Mons Cliffs, locally known as Mons Klint, is located on the Danish island of Mon and stretches from the Mon’s lighthouse in the south all the way to Liselund Castle Park, which is located in the north. More specifically, the cliffs are located on the eastern part of the island that is part of South Zealand. As it is only about an hour outside of the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, Mons Cliffs is an easy to reach destination.

Best Ways to See and Experience the Mons Klint

TThe best time of the year to head to Mons Cliffs is during the summer months when the weather is more permissible and the plant life is in full bloom. With very clearly marked walkways and paths throughout this UNESCO World Heritage Site, exploring the cliffs is fun and very accessible.

Being so close to Copenhagen, most people head out for a day trip and enjoy walking, picnics and taking beautiful pictures of the cliffs. Mons Cliffs are also great to experience from the water and several tour companies offer either kayaks or chartered boats to be rented out for the day.

Best Times to Explore the Mons Klint

The best time to visit Mons Cliffs or Mons Klint. is between the months of June through mid August. As a northern country, this provides the more comfortable weather allowing travelers to go outside and experience the Mons Klint.

Mons Klint Travel Tips

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