Mongolia is a country covering East and Central Asia with Ulan Bator as the capital. It is beside Russia in the northern part and China for the other sections. Its vast area is 1,564,116 square kilometers with a population of 2,754,685 in the year 2010. This country is bigger than Alaska, of which 90% is pasture or desert, 9 % is forest and 1% is for growing cops. In its northern part lies the productive region of Mongolia which includes the rivers of Onon, Tula, Selenga and Hovd. The country’s economy is being supplemented by cashmere, mining in addition to tourism. Some festivals that Mongolia is proud to have include The Great Naadam Festival, Horse Baby Festival or Foal Branding Ceremony, Thousand Camel Festival, The Gobi Naadam Festival, Nomad’s day Festival and Golden Eagle Festival.