Approximately 89 sq km, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is relatively a small country that sits right at the center of Middle East. Its glorious history and culture is deeply interwoven by bordering nations, giant nations in terms of land area, economic status or historical background: Saudi Arabia (East to South-east), Syria (North), Iraq (North-East) and Israel (West). Perhaps, this tiny nation is a giant itself as it rose from the ashes of several ancient, powerful kingdoms and early civilizations. Such glory has been preserved and lost in the arid Arab desert that covers over half of the land. With a past as magnificent as Jordan, one can be sure that the present also reflects the glory of the past. Aside from the timeless stories brought by ruined fortresses and historical sites, Jordan has many more treasures, places that will spark your interest. Come join us and discover this mysterious country and its many natural wonders.