Afghanistan is not the first country you think of when you think about Asia and although it is a country rich in culture and heritage, it is also a beautiful country with many wonders of nature to experience.

What are the 7 Natural Wonders of Afghanistan?

What wonders of nature throughout Afghanistan do you recommend? Most people think of deserts and mountains, and when it comes to Afghanistan it does not disappoint for wilderness experiences. But there is more to Afghanistan that sand.

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Notable Natural Wonders of Afghanistan

Check back here to see what nominations have been made. You will also find pictures and captions talking about the wonders of nature from Afghanistan.

Resources for Afghanistan and Asia

Organizations, tour companies, professional and government agencies and others sites for conservation, travel, wildlife, among others are located on the Asia Resources page of the Seven Natural Wonders site. Resources for Afghanistan tourism will be located here as well. You will find access to UNESCO and other professional resources along with leading tour guides, travel programs, and more.