The Ngorongoro Farm House is located at the base of Ngorongoro Crater just over a mile (about 4 km) outside the conservation area. This is part of the Tanganyika Wilderness Camp collection of properties, a group which is committed to the long-term conservation of the environment and wildlife.

One of the unique features of this property is that it is an actual 500 acre working coffee plantation. In addition to the coffee plants, the farm house also features other vegetable gardens which in some cases serve as the fresh vegetables experienced in an evening meal.

As visitors arrive in the area and turn off the main road to navigate the dirt road towards the farm house, it is easy to ask the question, “What have I gotten us in to?” The good news is that the answer is “A taste of heaven.”

The Plantation

Guests are immediately greeted with soft grassy lawns and sculpted gardens blooming with an array of beautiful flowers. The coffee plants are located throughout the entire property, but accented with flowers and trees that create a small garden of Eden.

Guests take paved trails through the gardens, trees and plants to find their personal cottage nestled in the flora and fauna of the plantation. Although cottages are near one another, there is still a sense of solitude. A small wading or relaxing pool is located near the Farm House.

The Cottages

There are 51 cottages spread across the plantation with 26 on each side. The cottages are all similar in size however there are two Executive or Family suites that have attached second rooms for children.

The cottages are created with a colonial farm feel and rustically decorated keeping the African safari or adventure feel. It is a unique combination of the more intimate or delicate garden atmosphere and the rustic African expedition.

The cottages are spacious and open inside with vaulted ceilings. Although there are no walls inside, there is a distinct sense of “rooms,” including the bedroom, a lounging area, and the bathroom and dressing area. Here are a few images to show what guests should expect upon entering their own personal cottage:

The rooms are all equipped with dual sinks, a safe, a fireplace, and a patio for relaxing. The shower is a true walk-in and privacy is created with a bamboo partition. The toilet is the only part of the cottage that is closed off with a door.


Inside the Farm House, guests will find an intimate dining area also created with a colonial farm feel. Meals are served as a buffet with wait staff attending to drinks and related needs.
Just outside the dining area visitors will find an elevated deck that looks out over the plantation and flower gardens. Because the evenings are usually cool, guests are usually greeted with a fire in a pit on the deck accompanied by snacks and drinks. Safari and game drive goers can sit around the fire and share their Ngorongoro Crater adventures and recall the wildlife witnessed along the way.

Guests of Ngorongoro Farm House can also experience a guided tour of the plantation, an educational demonstration of how coffee used to be made, and a relaxation massage to top off the tremendous wildlife endeavors.


The primary activity for guests staying at Ngorongoro Farm House is a safari or game drive into Ngorongoro Crater. The entire crater can be driven and completed in a day, but that is no guarantee that one will experience all of the animals the conservation area has to offer. If you are a wildlife enthusiast or nature lover, you should plan on two days of game drives into the crater.


The Ngorongoro Farm House is Seven Natural Wonders – Recommended

The Ngorongoro Farm House delivers a unique African experience that combines the splendor of gardens with the adventures of safari all in the same setting. The farm house is also more economical than some of the other lodges, cottages or resorts making for possibly a more valuable stay.

President’s Note

The Ngorongoro Farm House is located on 500 acres and the cottages are spread out throughout the grounds. It is possible that the walk to a room could leave some to complain. However, it would be my belief that they are missing the opportunity to really enjoy much of what the farm house property has to offer.

Guests should leverage the stroll between the farm house and rooms as a chance to really enjoy the grounds. The cool fresh air, the sounds of wildlife and birds, and the beauty of the gardens and sculpted paths really create an opportunity to relax, unwind, and turn off the hustle bustle of the job and life’s responsibilities back home.

Additionally, the good news is the farm house staff carry your luggage to your room and confirm your departure so that they can pick it up for you when you check out.