[well]Toubkal Quick Facts

  • Tallest mountain in Morocco and in Northern Africa
  • Reaches a summit of 13,671 feet (4,167 m)
  • Key feature for Toubkal National Park



Toubkal is a mountain peak of extremely high elevation in the southwestern part of North Africa’s Morocco. It has a total elevation at its highest peak being 13,671 feet (4,167 meters) making it the tallest peak in the Atlas Mountains and throughout all of North Africa.

The mountain is part of the Toubkal National Park, which was established in the year 1942 and covers a total area of 236 square miles (380 square kilometers). Along with Toubkal Peak, the national park also contains an assortment of other impressive mountains such as Ouanoukrim, Plateau de Tazarhart, L’Aksoual, Ineghmar, Bou Iguenouane, Le Tichki and Azrou Tamadout, which all range from 12,021 feet (3,644 meters) to 13, 671 feet (4,167 feet) in elevation.

Throughout Toubkal mountain and the national park that it is founded within, is a very rich flora and fauna, with the animal wildlife being of more prominence due to the climate and weather that takes place throughout the entire year. The most common type of animal found there is the mountain goat although the more rarely seen animals include species such as the genette, wildcat, porcupine and mongoose.

There are also several bird species such as the golden eagle, bottle eagle and the peregrine falcon amongst others. In addition, there are 30 reptile species to be found including the Atlas viper, grass snak of schokar and the thorny eyed gecko.

Toukbal is extremely diverse in its various mountain ranges that are all made up by various cliffs, boxed gorges, peaks, rivers and one lake. All of these play an essential role in making this natural wonder of such high importance and rare beauty that so many have come to discover and explore.

Where is Toubkal located

Toukbal is located in southwest Morocco within Northern Africa. The Toukbal peak is more specifically located between the valley of Nfiss to the West and the valley of Ourika to the East.

The coordinates of the Saklikent Gorge are 31°03’33″N and 7°54′57″W.

Best Ways to See and Experience Toubkal

Though the mountain is open to climb and hike throughout all months of the year, there are certain times that make the journey up less difficult for those who feel as if it is too much of a challenge in their skill set. The summer months are the most popular months to head up the mountain although during the earlier times of the summer an ice-axe may be needed.

It is most common for trekkers and climbers to begin their ascent from the road-end village of Imlil. If you don’t feel heading up alone, there are plenty of local guides that can be hired as well as mules and porters, which can help in the carrying of equipment and supplies.

The hike begins in fairly easy conditions through to the village of Aroumd and then continues onto a crossing of the floodplain, a valley and several streams and obstacles along the way. If you feel as if you are up for the challenge, climbing Toukbal will surely prove to be an unforgettable experience of a lifetime and undoubtedly something you will be proud to cross off of your bucket list.

Best Times to Explore Toubkal

The best time to visit Morocco and Toubkal is during the spring or summer months. The summer months is when the majority of tourist visit making it the busiest times. The temperatures are warmer, which makes an escape into the mountains around Toubkal a reprieve from the hotter temperatures.

The spring months of March, April and May provide visitors with sunshine accompanied by more comfortable temperatures. Aesthetically speaking, many of the mountains will be snow-capped creating a more unique and beautiful scene – particularly for photographers.

Toubkal Travel Tips

More travel tips coming for Toubkal. If you are a travel expert familiar with Morocco or the Toubkal area, you are invited to contact Seven Natural Wonders with advice and tips.