[well]Tundavala Cliffs Quick Facts

  • Incredible gorge located in the Huíla province
  • Also called, “Fenda da Tundavala” and “Tundavala Gap”
  • Highest peak reaches a height of 3,280 feet (1,000 m)


Tundavala Cliffs

There are many highlights in the country of Angola in Southern Africa, including the Tundavala cliffs and the Pungo Andongo. Scientifically, these archaeological landmarks are remains of many local cultures. The scenery around the Lubango city itself is fantastic, especially visiting the point of the Fenda da Tundavala, also known as the Tundavala Gap.

Tundavala Gap is a spectacular gorge in the city of Lubango within the Huíla province. From the top opens a very fine view, even from a 0.6-mile (1 kilometer) height, overlooking the surrounding plains. The tall cliff continues on both sides where there are perennial waterfalls over the borders. The Fenda da Tundavala’s highest point plunges down 3,280 feet (1,000 meters) to a valley. This geographical feature was identified as one of the country’s wonders of nature in a separate local campaign.

Where are the Tundavala Cliffs

The Tundavala Cliffs or the Tundavala Gap is basically a viewpoint, located on the rim of Serra da Leba, a great escarpment and mountain range within the Huíla Province. The scenic spot is situated about 11 miles (18 kilometers) from Lubango city.

The whole Huíla Province has a total area of 30,511 square miles (79,023 square kilometers) with Lubango as its capital. The rectangular-shaped province is situated within the Southwest region of Angola and home to 2.3 million residents. Huíla province confines in the west with Namibe and Benguela provinces, north with Huambo and Benguela, east with Kuando Kubango and Bie provinces, while south is confined by Cunene province.

Best Ways to See and Experience Tundavala Gap

The Tundavala Gap is similar to a canyon that offers a wonderful view. Unlike other scenic spots, the gorge is not mobbed by sellers or vendors, preserving its tranquility. Hiking and climbing are major activities to reach the spot. There are nice and easy routes for climbers that only require harness and ropes.

The views of the gorge are enjoyed mainly by adventure-seekers as those scared of heights or the faint hearted are not advised to reach the top. The rugged escarpment is fantastic for thrill-seekers who can hike towards the top of the crack. From there, spectacular views can be witnessed, such as ravines, patches of forests, montane grasslands, open savanna, and rock formations, unique from any other destinations.

To complete the experience, tourists can also camp out, although remote houses, a hotel, and a freshwater catchment station are located about 6.2 miles (10 kilometers) from the site. Certainly, the Tundavala Gap features an impressive decline, an almost surreal gorge cut that offers immense and stunning views.

Best Times to Explore the Tundavala Cliffs

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Tundavala Gap Travel Tips

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