[well]Quicama National Park Quick Facts

  • A shared natural wonder between Angola and Namibia
  • One of the largest waterfalls in Africa
  • Measures 390 feet (120 m) high and 2,300 feet (700 m) wide


Ruacana Falls

Ruacana Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in all of Africa both my volume and width. The falls boasts a height of 120 meters (390 feet) and a width of an impressive 700 meters (2,300 feet) when in full flood. This natural wonder of both Angola and Namibia continues to prove its natural beauty and magnificent size to all who come to pay a visit.

The falls are sourced by the Angolan highland of Bie, which has an altitude of 1800 meters (5,905 feet) and begins its flow towards the southwest making its way through parts of the Kalahari basin. Though just east of the falls lies the Caluque Dam, many single streams can be found sourced by the remaining waters. These streams rush down into a 700-meter (2,297 feet) wide and 120-meter (393 feet) deep ravine.

Surrounding the falls you can see lush wilderness, mountains and hills that are full of a vast array of plant life and animal life. The most common tree within the area is the Makalani Palms that stand tall and offer shade in most areas. During the dry season, visitors will notice less greenery compared to the wet season where the trees and plant life seem to offer an entirely new sight to see.

Where is Ruacana Falls

Ruacana Falls is located in Northern Namibia, Africa and is more specifically located on the Kuene River, 135 kilometers (84 miles) downstream on the border of Angola and Namibia. The falls lie within the borders of Huambo Province and only 17 kilometers (10 miles) west of the town of Ruacana.

Best Ways to See and Experience Ruacana Falls

Once you are there, you can explore alongside the falls, walking the borders and trails, finding a nice spot to sit and relax while you take in the power and beauty of this natural wonder. However, for those visitors looking for a rather up close and personal experience with the falls and its waters, head down to the lower course of the river for some real fun! There are companies that offer white water rafting and canoe rides to get your blood pumping and experience first hand the power behind the Ruacana Falls. Just be sure not to fall in or go for a quick dip in the river seeing as there are quite a large number of crocodiles that roam the waters.

However you decide to spend your time at Ruacana Falls, you’ll soon be added to the long list of visitors who have come to love the raw and unmatched beauty that every inch of this natural world wonder seems to exude.

Best Times to Explore Ruacana Falls

The most important travel tip to know before planning a visit to Ruacana Falls is that it is always best to go during the wet season, which is usually between March-May. If you are able to visit during this short window you will be able to see the falls in all of its glory and splendor.

Ruacana Falls Travel Tips

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