Located in southeast Algeria, Tassili n Ajjer is a massive plateau situated on the borders of Niger, Libya, and Mali, and covers a total area of 27,799 square miles (72,000 square km). Although Tassili n Ajjer is well renowned for it tremendous collection of rock art, engravings and cave paintings from thousands of years ago, it is also well known for the incredible rock formations.

The Tassili n Ajjer area provides an amazing encounter with unique geological features that often leaves visitors mesmerized. Tassili offers a panorama of eroded sandstone and rock formations, called the “rock forests,” that many describe as a lunar landscape. It is one of Algeria’s best nature attractions.

Tassili n Ajjer is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a Biosphere Reserve, and a National Park.

Where can you find Tassili n Ajjer

The Tassili n Ajjer’s range extends from 26°20′N 5°00′E east-south-east to 24°00′N 10°00′E, and Adrar Afao, located at 25°10′N 8°11′E, is its highest point, peaking at 7,080 feet (2,158 m). Djanet is the nearest town and is approximately 10 km southwest of Tassili. Most of the Tassili’s range, including archaeological sites and cypresses are duly protected within the Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site, a National park.

What is the best way to see and experience Tassili n Ajjer

The best way to start an experience with Tassili n Ajjer is a visit to its nearest town, Djanet, the oasis city, a famous starting point for most tours in the area. The best way to see and experience Tassili n Ajjer is to take a tour into the national park and experience both the wonder of nature along with the cultural features as well.

If you are looking to visit the cultural features, it is important to know that visitors are only allowed to explore these authorized areas when accompanied by official tour guide. Tours do include jeep rides, but in order to reach the plateau itself, walking and some donkey rides are needed.

The outdoor enthusiast will enjoy the experience with this natural wonder because hiking is required to reach the Tassili n Ajjer rock formations. This will be challenging for those who are adversed to hiking or physically challenged, however it is possible to leverage a donkey ride for part of the journey. Some hiking will still be expected.