Mount Tahat is the tallest mountain in Algeria. The summit reaches a height of 9,852 feet (3,003 meters). Mount Tahat is also regarded as the highest peak throughout the entire Ahaggar Mountain range.

The Ahaggar Mountains are the highland regions of the central Sahara. The entire highland region is covered with rocky desert with an altitude of 2,953 feet (900 meters) above sea level. The Ahaggar Mountains are lunar-like massif, and below it is the Sahara Atlas, which is covered with sand dunes, gravel expanses, and occasional plateaus.

Where is Mount Tahat

Tamanrasset city is the nearest to the mountain, located 34.8 miles (56 kilometers) to its south.  Mount Tahat is in the Ahaggar Mountain range, which is also called the “Hoggar” mountains.  The mountain ranges are located nearly 900 miles (1,448 kilometers) south of Algiers, the country’s capital, and west of Tamanghasset.

The Algerian Sahara is divided into 2 depressions of diverse elevation, separated by the Mʾzab, a central north-south rise. Each of the zones is covered with an immense field of sand dunes, also known as ergs.

Occidental respectively, declining from the foot of the Hoggar Mountains, located south of Sahara majestic summits, where Mount Tahat is specifically located.

What is the best way to see and experience Mount Tahat

Probably the most engaging experience with Mount Tahat would come from a climb or trek up the mountain. Climbing and hiking activities that are organized in the region to venture through the Ahaggar mountains allow visitors to experience the beauty of the region and capture views of Mount Tahat from different perspectives.

Adventures through the Ahaggar Mountains usually take one of two routes, which are known as the Tell Atlas and the Saharan Atlas. The Tell Atlas is wetter than the Saharan Atlas due to the sea’s moisture. During winter, the climate is snowy, making the mountain ranges an ideal place for skiing between December and March.

There are lots of scenic spots to see and activities to experience in the Mount Tahat region. The good news is that visitors who want to witness one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Algeria can do so from various plateaus in between the mountain ranges. Seeing Mount Tahat along with the range of the Ahaggar Mountains is a wonderful encounter with nature.

Within the cities, hotels and restaurants also offer spectacular views of the mountain ranges, while relaxing or dining.