El Ourit is a renowned waterfall in the country of Algeria. It is found within the Tlemcen Mountains in Tlemcen, a Northwestern Algerian town. Tlemcen is a province of Algeria, with Tlemcmen as the province’s capital. The Tlemcen Mountains are well-watered, overlooking the plains of Hennaya and Maghnia. The mastiff is lying at 2,624 feet (800 meters) and receives enough cool breezes from the Mediterranean coast during the summer season.

There are several natural attractions in Tlemcen, aside from the breathtaking views of the Tlemcen Mountains. The Beni Add Caves are magnificent spots within the region, offering spectacular views of unusual calcite formations. There are also a wide variety of forests like the Zariffet, Ifri, and the Ain Fezza forest. An addition to the attraction is the picturesque cascades of El Ourit, making it the most-visited waterfalls in the country.

Traditional baths called the “hammam” are offered within the region. These are considered as the hidden treasures of Algeria, considering the long-preserved way of a bathing system, while tourists can still opt for its natural wonders.

Where is El Ourit

Basically, the El Ourit waterfall is situated 4.3 miles (7 kilometers) from Tlemcen city. It is located nearby the National Road in Algeria and within the Tlemcen Mountains that are covered with pine trees.

Best ways to see and experience El Ourit

In order to get to El Ourit, tourists can take a taxi from Tlemcen city. Along the way, travelers will witness the spectacular view of the Eiffel Bridge that was built by Gustave Eiffel, and something that is worth seeing.

The trip is only a drive away from the city, although traveling by foot could be very tiring. Tourists can also rent a private car going to the waterfall, considering the short distance from a hotel in the city to the El Ourit waterfall. Further sceneries include the grottos of Beni Ad and the Marsa Ben M’Hidi beach, which are also a short drive away from the city. Visiting these places, while in Algeria will make the Mediterranean experience complete and unforgettable.

The best way to see and experience El Ourit is to take the short car ride or taxi, which can take visitors to the trailhead. Tourists must hike shortly to the location in order to witness the cascade’s tranquil atmosphere and a magnificent work of nature.