El Kala National Park, established in 1983is one of the most parks throughout the country of Algeria as well as the world. Since 1990, UNESCO has recognized the park as a biosphere reserve and has been made famous mainly due to its extremely diverse ecosystem.

Stretching over a vast area of 76438 hectares (764 kilometers) El Kala National Park is home to over 40 species of mammals, 64 freshwater bird species, 25 bird of prey species and 9 marine bird species. Combined, this makes a total of approximately 87,000 varieties of animals and birds that inhabit this park.

Because there are many species out of the 87,000 that are on the endangered list, El Kala is under special observation and protection to ensure it keeps its extensive and unique fauna. Great lengths of tireless effort by conservationalists have been made and will continue to be made to protect all species and keep from more entering the endangered species lists.

The land is made up of a wide range of ecosystems making its flora extremely plentiful and luscious including magnificent mountains, dense forests and woodlands, several lakes as well as an ocean dune and several ponds scattered throughout.

Where is El Kala National Park

El Kala National Park is located in El Tarf, the extreme north east of Algeria in North Africa. On the east side of the park lays the border between Algeria and Tunisia while the north is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. Cape Rosa can be found bordering the west and the foothills of El Ghorra djebel in the south.

The driving distance between the popular city of Souk Ahras and El Kala National Park is only 1 and ½ hours in a car and only about 15 minutes by plane.

Best ways to see and experience El Kala National Park

El Kala National Park is a bird watchers paradise as they can see several species they may not have ever witnessed before. There are numerous bird watching towers throughout the park to ensure visitors get the best views and opportunities to spot these unique and beautiful creatures within their habitat.

The park also features a mini-zoo and eco-museum that is targeted towards younger visitors to see and explore while visiting the park. Conservationalists and those in charge of the parks overall well being and protection have made it a priority and necessity to better educate visitors and guests about all of the wildlife and diverse ecosystems that the park contains.

Nature walking tours are also available where a guide proceeds to take you through the park and educates guests on both the fauna and the flora of the park.

El Kala National Park has seen increasing numbers in visitors and hopes to continue doing so in the future, allowing people to become aware of the protection that needs to be upheld in order to keep the ecosystems alive and well within the domain of the park.