Algeria is considered as Africa’s largest country. Despite its unstable political situation, travelers to the place are rest assured of the country’s diverse tourist attractions and prehistoric landmarks. There are lots to discover in Algeria, and amongst the destinations is the Anou Ifflis Cave, the deepest known cave in the continent of Africa, measuring at 3,838 feet (1,170 meters) deep with a length of 1.2 miles (2 kilometers).

Anou Ifflis is basically found within the Djurdjura National Park or the Jurjura Range, which is a mastiff of the Tell Atlas, one of the parts of Algeria’s Atlas Mountain System, found in Kabylie. Also spelled as Kabylia, Kabylie is found right in between Skikda and Algiers within northern Algeria’s coastal region. It also covers several Algerian provinces such as the entirety of Bejaia (Vgayet) and the Tizi Ouzou.

Where is the Anou Ifflis Cave

Anou Ifflis, also called “The cave of the Leopard,” is primarily located at 65 miles (104 kilometers) from Algiers with Bordj Bou Arreridj as the nearest city. The cave is situated in Tizi Ouzou province in the Kabylie Mountains.

Best ways to see and experience the Anou Ifflis Cave

There are several ways to see and experience Anou Ifflis as well as the other attractions surrounding the Kabylia, including the Djurdjura National Park and mountain range. To enjoy the park at its most, travelers have to reach its highest point, which is the Lalla Khedidja, measuring at 7,572 feet (2,308 meters). Its lower slopes are also magnificent views of wide ranges of endemic juniper shrubs and pine. It is also a home to spectacular wildlife like hares, mongoose, hyenas, wild boars, red fox, wild cats, jackal, weasel, the Barbary apes, and crested porcupines.

Bird watchers will likewise appreciate a wide variety of species within the park such as the golden eagle, booted eagle, black vulture, peregrine falcon, kestrel, and the long-legged buzzard. Hence, bird watching, and sometime bird-feeding are organized in the region, allowing tourists to experience a more personalized feel of the historic sites and the rich nature and culture of the entire Algeria.

Tourists are welcome in a ski resort situated within the mountain range, offering fun and memorable ski experience with an altitude of 5,250 feet (1,600 meters). Although travelers can still visit during the winter season, the summer season is the primary time to visit. There are organized walks, short excursions, and rock climbing for tourists. The places for these activities include the Gouffre de l’Akouker and the Point de vue du Djurdjura, additional attractions in the area. Hikers will also love the routes and treks in many hillsides and peaks that are covered with cedar forests adding to the Anou Ifflis Cave experience.