El Ourit Waterfall

El Ourit

El Ourit is a renowned waterfall in the country of Algeria. It is found within the Tlemcen Mountains in Tlemcen, a Northwestern Algerian town. Tlemcen is a province of Algeria, with Tlemcmen as the province’s capital. The Tlemcen Mountains are well-watered, overlooking the plains of Hennaya and Maghnia.

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Anou Ifflis Cave

Algeria is considered as Africa’s largest country. Despite its unstable political situation, travelers to the place are rest assured of the country’s diverse tourist attractions and prehistoric landmarks. There are lots to discover in Algeria, and amongst the destinations is the Anou Ifflis Cave, the deepest known cave in the continent of Africa, measuring at 3,838 feet (1,170 meters) deep with a length of 1.2 miles (2 kilometers).

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Anou Ifflis

El Kala National Park

El Kala National Park, established in 1983is one of the most parks throughout the country of Algeria as well as the world. Since 1990, UNESCO has recognized the park as a biosphere reserve and has been made famous mainly due to its extremely diverse ecosystem.

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Gouraya National Park

Gouraya National Park is recognized by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve because of its entire plant and animal species that have made a home within its lands. Animal species that make up its unique fauna include both Barbary Macaques and jackals, which are possible to spot when walking through the forest of the park. The life within the waters just off the shore of the park is has incredible marine ecosystem that protects magnificent mammals such as the Short-Beaked Common Dolphin, the Bottlenose Dolphin, the Harbor Porpoise and the Sperm Whale.

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28 décembre 2004 : réveil à Abankor, mont Tahat (2908 m)

Mount Tahat

The Ahaggar Mountains are the highland regions of the central Sahara. The entire highland region is covered with rocky desert with an altitude of 2,953 feet (900 meters) above sea level. The Ahaggar Mountains are lunar-like massif, and below it is the Sahara Atlas, which is covered with sand dunes, gravel expanses, and occasional plateaus.

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Tassili n Ajjer

Located in southeast Algeria, Tassili n Ajjer is a massive plateau situated on the borders of Niger, Libya, and Mali, and covers a total area of 27,799 square miles (72,000 square km). Although Tassili n Ajjer is well renowned for it tremendous collection of rock art, engravings and cave paintings from thousands of years ago, it is also well known for the incredible rock formations.

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Taza National Park

The Taza National Park in Algeria is considered amongst the smallest with park only extending across an area approximately 14 square miles (37 sq km). Though the park doesn’t cover a vast area, it is a diverse park that features various ecosystems added with wonderful wildlife waiting for visitors to encounter. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a biosphere reserve, and a national park which all reaffirm its splendor and value to the natural world.

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