[well]Quick Facts:

  • Over 1,270 similarly cone-shaped hills creating a sea of hills over 20 square miles (50 sq km)
  • Located in Bohol, Philippines
  • Heights typically range from 98 to 160 feet (30 to 50 m) with the highest reaching 390 feet (120 m)


Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are consistent in their cone shape and size and estimates show that the number of hills reaches at least 1,260 but may be as many as 1,776. The Chocolate Hills encompass a 20 square mile (50 sq km) area creating a sea or rolling terrain of these haycock hills.

The height of the hills varies from 98 to 160 feet (30 to 50 m) with the largest hill reaching a peak of 390 feet (120 m). The Chocolate Hills are actually grass covered limestone, but during the dry season the grass dries up turning brown which is where the name is derived from. The dried up brown hills look like a sea of “chocolate kisses.”

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Best way to see and experience the Chocolate Hills

More will follow on the Chocolate Hills as it is declared an official or notable wonder of Asia.