The campaign to determine and declare the Seven Natural Wonders for each continent is coming to a close. Experts from around the world have taken statistical and traditional significance into consideration and cast their votes.  The final votes for Africa have been filed and recorded with Africa being the first continent to be declared.

Africa Declaration Schedule

Africa has the honor of serving as the first declaration. The Declaration Event and winners were revealed 11 February 2013. Press Releases have been delivered and now the mission of promoting and protecting the winners is under way.

The Nile River is one of the winners. Within a month the Uganda Minister of Tourism declared the source of the Nile as a protected area under the care of the central government.

Declaration Schedule: Which Continent Should Be Next?

Which continent should continent should be next? North America, Europe, Oceania, Asia or South America? Cost your votes and suggestions by email at [email protected] Let us know which continent should be next and why. Make sure you name the continent in the Subject Line.

Seven Natural Wonders will be exploring each continent and determining the best place for the declaration to take place.