Seven Natural Wonders is global grassroots endeavor committed to protecting the natural wonders of the world. The mission is to help people discover and explore the natural wonders of the world, to teach them about the wonders and the things that threaten their existence, and to inspire them to create a philosophy and practice of conservation.

Declaration Schedule

Africa voting is closed and the Declaration event is scheduled for 11 February 2013 in Arusha, Tanzania. Learn more about the Declaration Schedule.


The foundation to conservation is education. Seven Natural Wonders seeks to leverage the historical and traditional practice of listing “7” spectacular features or accomplishments as “wonders” of the world. Examples include things like the Seven Seas, the Seven Manmade Wonders of the World, and the 7 Ancient Wonders of the World. The unique aspect of Seven Natural Wonders is the exclusive focus on NATURE and the natural wonders the world presents.

Seven Natural Wonders uses the various “7 natural wonders” lists to serve as catalyst for introducing mankind to the marvels of nature. Delivering education through a variety of venues will help foster an interest in the wonders of nature followed by a desire to learn more. Through the efforts of SNW we hope to inspire people to visit and explore these wonders of nature and hopefully develop a passion and admiration that transcends into a commitment of conservation.

The world is full of so many beautiful places and sure beauty does come into play when determining a natural wonder. But other factors play key roles when it comes to the voting and declaration. Important factors include statistical significance, traditional or historical significance, uniqueness, and as noted splendor.

Protection Petition:

Make your voice know as an individual committed to the protection and conservation of the natural wonders of the world by adding your name to the “Protection Petition” located right on the home page. The protection petition is your voice to say that the Great Barrier Reef, the Grand Canyon, Victoria Falls and the other original wonders are worth protecting as natural wonders of the world.

The Seven Natural Wonders of the World include the following:
Aurora (Northern Lights)
Great Barrier Reef
Grand Canyon
Victoria Falls
Mount Everest
Harbor of Rio de Janiero

Declaration Committee

Seven Natural Wonders has gathered some of the most reputable experts in global exploration, conservation, and nature. These individuals have traveled the world, explored the grandeur of our globe and they are committed to the natural wonders of the earth on a regular basis. Declaration Committee Members

Additionally, SNW is looking to strengthen the committee with other experts who offer valuable insights in the natural wonders of the world. If you are an individual who is passionate about the wonders of nature and have educated insights or expertise to enhance the committee’s efforts, please submit your interest to [email protected]. You may also recommend someone in the same fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What are the qualifications of a natural wonder?

A: The primary qualification is that a wonder of nature is just that completely natural. For example, Mount Rushmore involves the splendor of a beautiful mountain peak, but it is the manipulation of that mountain creating the facial carvings that make it such a wonder. It would not qualify. Additionally, a natural wonder needs to be statistically and/or naturally unique. Statistical factors that come into play may include characteristics such as height, width, and volume – but the focus is on unique wonder, beauty and amazement.

Q: How are the Original Seven Natural Wonders Represented?

A: The original seven natural wonders deserve their distinctive places as “The Seven Natural Wonders.” Each wonder will serve as an ambassador to the seven natural wonders of each continent. For example, Mount Everest will serve as the ambassador to the 7 Natural Wonders of Asia.

Q: How will the winners be determined?

Q: There are two mechanisms for voting. The primary mechanism comes from experts in related fields. UNESCO counsels against any public voting because these types of campaigns are highly influenced by social marketing, marketing, and advertising efforts and do not reflect a true interest in determining the right 7. Such types of campaigns usually represent tourism or personal interest versus a collective representation.

The public voting will be used to complement the expert voting efforts.

Experts vote on ballot sheets provided to them directly. The general public votes on the site.

A: Yes, ideally this recommendation would come from a country’s board of tourism or a similar organization that is familiar with the wonders of nature that are available in that country or region.

Q: How do you vote?

A: The public voting is taking place on the site. Each person is permitted up to 7 votes, but needs to vote for at least three on any given continent. Singleton votes usually represent marketing or social networking efforts to try and influence one particular wonder. The purpose is to elect the right 7 natural wonders. It is imperative that you vote for 3 to 7 natural wonders on any given continent.

Voting is free and simple. Login and click on the “Vote Now” tab and make your selections. It is that easy.

Become a Contributor or Supporter

Seven Natural Wonders recognizes that there are individuals with expertise, experience or passion related to the various wonders.  If you are interested in becoming a supporter of the Seven Natural Wonders (site linked as a supporter) or a contributor to the content of the individual wonders, please submit your interest and message to: [email protected]


Seven Natural Wonders is a grassroots effort under the management of Phillip Imler, Ph.D. who is the Founder and President. The Declaration Committee includes volunteer experts from various professions including professors, researchers, conservationist, photographers, and tourism professionals.

Dr. Imler’s personal travel blog may be reviewed at WonderWanderings.

Contact Information

Business related questions should be directed to [email protected]