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Mont Blanc, scenic (HDR) Mont Blanc at 6 AM Miroir des étangs de Carlaveyron et Massif du Mont Blanc Lever de Lune sur les 4052 mètres de Bionnassay. Massif du Mont Blanc, France Panoramic view with the Mont Blanc Mont-Blanc Mont Blanc Massif from Courmayeur Mont-Blanc 4807 m (France) Face sud du Mont-Blanc
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Mont Blanc

Mount Blanc Quick Facts:

  • Highest mountain in the Alps and western Europe
  • Mont Blanc, French for "white mountain," Monte Bianco, Italian for "white mountain," and La Dame Blanche, French for "the white lade."
  • Summit peaks at 15,781 feet (4,810 m)

Mount Blanc

Mount Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and western Europe with the summit peaking at 15,781 feet (4,810 m). The mountain is also known as La Dame Blanche which is French meaning "the white lady." As the highest mountain in western Europe, Mount Blanc ranks 11th in the world.

Mount Blanc is located on the French-Italian border between the Aosta Valley, Italy and Haute-Savoie, France.

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More will follow on Mount Blanc as it is declared an official or notable wonder of Europe.