Davolja Varos

An exotic rock formation that is comprised of 202 different rock towers. Also features a hot springs below the formation.

Davolja Varos Quick Facts:

  • 202 different rock towers that account for the formation
  • Located in southern Serbia in the Radan Mountains

Davolja Varos

Davolja Varos is an exotic rock formation located in the southern region of Serbia within the Radan mountains. The rock formation is comprised of 202 different rock pyramids or towers. These towers or pyramids have been created by erosion.

Davolja Varos is also accompanied by two different natural springs. The first, Djavolja voda which means “devil’s water,” is highly acidic and possesses a significant concentration of minerals. The second natural spring is called Crveno vrelo which means “red well.”

Best way to see and experience the Davolja Varos

More will follow on the the Davolja Varos as it is declared an official or notable wonder of Europe.