Cox’s Bazar Beach

Longest unbroken natural sandy beach extending 125 km along the coast of Bangladesh.

Cox’s Bazar Beach Quick Facts:

  • Longest natural sandy beach
  • Unbroken sandy beach for 77.67 Miles (125 km)
  • Located in Bangladesh
  • Also known by the name Palongkee and the name Panowa which means “yellow flower.”

Cox’s Bazar Beach

Cox’s Bazar Beach is the longest natural unbroken beach in the world. It represents 77.67 miles (125 km) of unbroken sandy beach. The tide varies slightly creating a good place for sun bathing.

The name Cox’s Bazar Beach comes from Captain Cox who died in 1799. He was a British officer that was compassionate towards the local people and had gain much favor in their eyes. The beach is also referred to as Palongkee and Panowa which means “yellow flower.”

Best way to see and experience Cox’s Bazar Beach

More will follow on Cox’s Bazar Beach as it is declared an official or notable wonder of Asia.